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Paula Gaviria and David Attard Presented at TAHFM

Paula Gaviria, Director of Healthcare Architecture for MJDII and David Attard MS, PMP, PgMP, Senior Vice President of Facilities, Construction and Systems Engineering for Harris Health System were selected to be presenters at this year’s Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management (TAHFM) conference held in Houston, Texas. Their presentation focused on Renovations In Occupied Acute Facilities.

When lives are at stake and precision is paramount, successfully renovating an occupied healthcare facility requires true balance. Learning to navigate through complex challenges, maintaining consistent communication, and providing innovative solutions unlock the secret to success for all stakeholders in any project. Attendees also heard about the challenges and the innovative solutions that were used in the renovation of Harris Health System’s Ben Taub Emergency Center Level 1 Trauma Center to create efficient flow within the department and with the rest of the hospital.

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